Fathers didn’t just happen!

Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and families exist because of God’s exquisite plan. These roles and institutions did not evolve or become reality because of a legislative or community process. God ordained fathers and all the rest of the family structure.

This divine institution has brought stability to the globe through out recorded history. Humans did not figure the family out as we went along. Rather, we followed the natural plan that God so wisely put in place from the the day of man’s creation in the garden!

Until now. Or at least this is what the politically elite of today envision. But look at what has happened under the rule of the politically correct. There is no longer one definition of what constitutes a family. One man and one woman are seen as archaic, even destructive as building blocks for a family. Sexual freedom has led to the tyranny of uncertainty. Just has the family no longer has a uniform definition, individuals can no longer be certain if they are a man or woman or both! Sex is to be pursued with anyone, without restriction.

This new politically correct world will at some point collapse under its own sinful weight. This degree of social uncertainty produces self-doubt and insecurity. In the end, the will of God and the institutions of God will remain. Do not doubt this. In the meantime, chaos will result. The resulting impact and fall of the politically correct experiment will not be pretty. People must interact as God has commanded or they will self-destruct. Even in the current chaos, have confidence in the faithfulness of God and in what he as ordained.

Celebrate the family that God has ordained. It is true that sometimes we don’t do a good job in following God’s directions. But, as Christians, we always know that God has given us timeless instruction in his word about how we are to live together as families. Live out the gospel and live as shinning lights before a modern world that literally has lost its way and its identity.

Be comforted by the great reality that fathers and families were created from the beginning by the command of the Lord of the Universe!

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