Fifty Shades: A sexual assault on your daughter

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Let’s get one thing clear. The Fifty Shades movie opening this Valentine’s Day weekend is an assault on young women and God’s institution of marriage. Pleasure is found in pain, in yielding to the lusts of perverted men who whose desire is to dominate women. This is somehow packaged as the ultimate sexual / romantic adventure.

This marketing lie appears to be effective. All indications are that this 100 minute long movie will dominate the box-office, perhaps even setting records for a Valentine’s Day weekend.

For years Hollywood’s message has been:

  • Sex is about sensual experience, pain, and perversion.
  • Biblical love is outdated and dull.
  • Experience is ultimate.
  • Pornography is the best venue for learning about sex.

Make no mistake, this movie is about seducing and enslaving a generation of young women into the dark world of lust, sensuality, and domination.

It is not enough to ignore this movie. What is more important is for God to be honored in marriage. Once sex outside of marriage became an accepted cultural standard, any form of perversion also became possible. Don’t think that Fifty Shades will be the end of the perversion propaganda. Darker themes are lining up for their moments of fame and praise by our godless culture.

The Fifty Shades brand is a false veneer that covers over the ugly world of domestic violence. Pain, domination, and violence have no place in the sexual relationship that God designed to bless marriage.

This movie represents the dark heart of the lord of this world, reveling in the perversion of God’s gift of sex to his people.

Talk about the beauty of marriage to your children. Biblical sexual relationships are to mirror the love of Christ to his church. Rejoice in God’s provision of marriage. Embrace purity and tenderness as the benefits of following God. Do not be passive about the wonder of marriage! Let’s take back marriage and God’s provision for sex. To leave God out of marriage and sex is to invite in the blurred, ugly world of Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s ilk.

For an excellent treatment biblical sexuality checkout Dave Harvey’s video series. The entire series is excellent; session 7 is an outstanding presentation of the biblical basis for sex.

When Sinners Say "I Do" DVD
When Sinners Say “I Do” DVD

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