Formative Instruction – Interview with Tedd Tripp

Here is the first segment of the four part interview I was privileged to conduct with Tedd Tripp. The focus on this segment is on formative instruction. This concept is introduced in the book Instructing a Child’s Heart. As is often the case, when a truly biblical insight is put forth, the insight takes on a timeless quality, because the bible itself is timeless in both principle and application.  Since Instructing a Child’s Heart was written, our culture appears to have taken an even more radical turn away from biblical morality. This book explains the powerful impact of the culture around us and its influence on your family.  Formative instruction as outlined in Deuteronomy 6 is essential for helping you build a biblical worldview for your children.

This interview is only 12 minutes long. It is well worth your time and will quickly provide you with needed insight about how to address the influence of a culture that demonstrates disdain of God and his word.



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