God’s Word as the Prime Meridian

In the last post we discussed the importance of having a standard to rely upon. The example I used was the Prime Meridian, which is the basis for navigational and time systems around the world. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if there were not a single, unique standard to use for finding our location and determining the time. Imagine if you had to have a new set of maps with different longitude and latitude references for each country that you traveled to or flew over. There could be 200 different navigational coordinates for any given location on a map. That would be chaos.

It is also chaotic to have differing moral standards for relationships. The Prime Meridian in relationships, from God’s perspective, is marriage. Man was designed for marriage. In this sense, even singleness is defined by having marriage serve as the standard. Being single is an opportunity to serve God and not man. Therefore, singleness is not a relational setting for sexual activity to occur. Following God’s standard of marriage defines what is appropriate in relationships with regard to sexuality–defining what is and is not appropriate with regard to sexual expression. Thus, great value and stability flow from establishing marriage as the relational standard. Modern culture is abandoning marriage as the standard at a rapid pace. In attempting to define freedom based upon human desires, the exact opposite is occurring. Seeking to obtain freedom apart from God leads to tyranny.

The same is true for issues such as abortion and euthanasia. Human life is not man’s gift to man. Unlike the pronouncement in the poem, “Invictus,” man is the not captain of his soul. God is the giver of life. So man is not free to take life when he thinks it is most convenient to do so. By ignoring God’s role in life, uncertainty and anger emerge. Debates rage about when it is “right” to perform abortions and what are the “humane” conditions to help someone end his own life. God designed man and determined the ways he should live. The Bible thus becomes the baseline or Prime Meridian for how to live. It sets the standard for how to live in ways that are in conformity with God. In my recent visit to the United Kingdom I was intrigued at how the newspapers prominently carried articles on the usefulness of assisted suicides. Clearly, God’s standard has been tossed aside. Man’s brashness in experimenting with sexual relationships and ending lives that seem to be inconvenient is leading to chaos.

A good question to ask, then, is how are children to learn about the importance of following God’s standard? This is one of the great benefits of understanding the purpose of life as found in the book of Genesis. Genesis clearly teaches that there is no one in control but God. God is the author and giver of life. The earth and all of creation were made at the pleasure of God’s will. Violation of that will–sin–leads to devastating consequences. This is where to start in teaching your children. Man is not free to determine the structure of human sexuality as he pleases. Man is not free to determine when life should end. Both abortion and euthanasia are based upon evaluating the value of human life without considering the One who is the giver of life.

God is the Author of creation. All that we see around us and in the vast universe came to be because God willed it to be. Attempts to place the evolutionary process or some other random act as the origin of the universe deny the wonder of God and result in chaos. Genesis is clear–God is the author of Creation, and what he made was very good!

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