Merry Christmas!

Christ has come. 


You have hope. 


There is nothing in life that can overcome what has been given to you in Christ. 


God looks at you and sees the goodness of his son.


Christ makes all things right.


Christ intercedes for you whether you ask him to or not.


Christ took your punishment, your shame, your guilt and then gave you life.


Christ is your model when those close to you care more for themselves than they do for you.


Christ is the ruler of the Kingdom that has no end.


Christ is your hope when you fail.


Christ has lavished his gifts upon you.


Christ is your peace.


Christ turns your darkness into light.


Christ turns your sorrow into joy.


Christ knows the Father. Christ knows you. You know the Father.


Christ sent the Holy Spirit to you.


Christ loved you when you would not love him.


Christ loves you now even when you attempt to push him away.


Christ, the mighty maker, the mighty ruler, the fearsome rider on the white horse is your friend.


Merry Christmas!





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