The clock is ticking.


We are running out of time.


It is time for work, school, practice, and even church.


Time is a big deal in modern life. Yet for all of the energy spent on managing time, Jesus says there is nothing we can do to shorten or lengthen the time given to us on earth, not even by a millisecond. Time is to be exhausted on God’s glory not our own personal agendas.


Time as we know it is not eternal, it is created. There will be no clocks in heaven. Before there was time there was God. This is one reason God refers to himself as I Am. God is infinite, he cannot be measured by time. He is not bound by time. He simply and profoundly is. Time is temporal, having to do with what is temporary.  As Paul says, don’t focus on what is temporary, but focus on eternity.  


Faith has to do with eternity. Worry has to do with time. 


Something to think about.

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