Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is typically a time to focus on giving gifts to Mom, in appreciation for all of her work and commitment as a mother. I certainly do not wish to detract from this tradition in any way! However, here is another way to look at Mother’s Day giving.

How can we creatively help Mom present the gospel of Jesus Christ to her children? The task of being a mother is daunting enough in itself, but the one goal that Christian moms share is to see their children come to salvation. Seeing her children come to Christ is the one thing that puts everything else in perspective. In this one area, moms (and dads) need all of the support they can get! Providing this kind of support to parents is one of the chief, underlying goals of Shepherd Press. Now, with the growing use of electronic publishing, tools like your personal computer, iPad, Kindle, and other tablets, smartphones, etc., can help in easing the day-to-day presentation of the gospel to children.

One such instance of this is the launch of The Gospel for Children in ebook format.  The book is available in both Kindle and ePub formats. This book has long been a favorite for its graphic and colorful presentation of gospel truth. Now it is available in ebook format so that these truths can be shared anywhere an electronic ebook reader is available!  Here is our description of the book:

This book does something we sometimes take for granted; it methodically teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young children. Of no small importance because as Romans 1:16 tells us this Gospel “is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes”. It has a color picture for each major point, and links from the main text to and from the scripture references in the end notes.

Tedd Tripp says:

“This book is very special, it’s the kind of book parents will want to read to their children again and again. It presents the Gospel in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner – explaining the truths of God, the Bible, Sin, Jesus, the need for Repentance and Faith, and Counting the Costs of the Christian life, but in a way that both children and even adults will easily benefit from. I highly recommend it.”

The book is available in ebook format for only $2.99. that’s 40% off the regular ebook price!

You can click here to order the Kindle version and here to order the ePub or Apple version.


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