A time to celebrate, a time to cry, a time of sweet memories, a time to forget, a time of thanks, a time of regret, a time of anticipation, a time of disappointment. Mother’s Day is all of these things and more. Mothers are part of God’s great plan that binds all of us together in the fabric of life.

Mothers are not just some random adaptation of a blind evolutionary scheme. God designed the human race to come from one mother, Eve, and from one father, Adam. At one point in human history, there were just three of us, a mom, a dad, and a little boy. If you had a time telescope, you could look back and see just those three. They were alone in a hostile world. All of humanity would spring from just those three. It was a scary place for this young family.

Eve shared equally in the challenges that she and Adam and Cain faced. This first combination of family relationships would shape all of human history that was to come. Eve, the first mother, acknowledged the hand of God in the birth of her first son. Having turned from God previously, she now thanks God for this birth. Eve, as a mom, would go on to face all the things that every mom in human history has faced. And, in turn, everyone that has lived has been impacted by his or her mom.

So, even though there are flaws and struggles with mothers, the wonder of God’s design lives on. Now, through Christ, there is redemption for the heartache.

For many of you Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration. For others this day brings difficult and painful memories. Many of you reading this are single moms who never envisioned the challenges that your life now brings to you. But for all of you there is the comforting reality that mothers are God’s plan for us. Through Christ, you can know the healing power of redemption and hope. God will not abandon you. He sustained that first family by his power and grace. He will sustain you as well.

A blessed Mother’s Day to you in the name of our Savior.

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