New Book Helps Christian Men Start, Continue and Finish the Race God Has Set Before Them

ENDURE is a practical, Scripture-steeped guide to help men finish the race God has set before them. Written by Pastor Bill Newton for all men – young or seasoned, married or solo, spiritually fit or totally anemic, ENDURE will help men grow in biblical maturity, be challenged to change, and find strength for the road ahead.

Too many Christian men start enthusiastically, and then fall short. Falling short can be a public fall—a  church-going husband has an affair, a high-profile ministry leader gets caught in a scandal, or an outspoken advocate is marred by blatant hypocrisy.

But for most men, falling short isn’t a newsworthy spectacle. It’s subtler. Closer to home. It’s floundering in the faith. Stunted spiritual growth. It’s entering the race God has called them to, then choosing to coast.  This story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s far more common.   

According to Bill Newton, the author of ENDURE, “men are weighed down with far too many things, are failing and losing Christ’s purpose for them. ENDURE will give them a practical spiritual roadmap starting with the ultimate secret: falling in love with Jesus.”

Readers of this book will be encouraged by real-life stories of men who have endured in their own lives and callings while pastors will find it helpful to stimulate the growth of the men under their care.

Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor of Parkside Church and voice behind Truth For Life radio, says ENDURE is “a thoroughly biblical and intensely practical call to press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

Bill Newton is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Contact: Carl Dobrowolski, Goodwill Media Services at carl *at* goodwillrights *dot* com.

About the Author: Bill Newton is a pastor with a heart to “help men grow up”—to see men transform from acting good to being godly. Long before he stood behind the pulpit, Bill was playing and coaching football, flying over 250 combat missions in Vietnam, graduating from Harvard Business School, working on Wall Street, buying and selling businesses, raising a family, and the list goes on. In other words, Bill has been there, done that. But while his bio sounds impressive, Bill’s story is not one of win after win. His story is one in which God graciously allowed him many opportunities to fail, learn, and recover. Find out more at Bill’s website,

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