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The Little Book on Being Healthy and Well

Now Available: The Little Book on Being Healthy and Well

John Lehman shares valuable insights to help you in being a steward of your body—the temple of the Holy Spirit. Consider how you may benefit from a good diet, appropriate rest, and the right measure of exercise. You will also be guided through John’s exercise program notes online as you download how-to-exercise graphics and guideline charts to help you to become the best you possible!

Interview with Jim Newheiser

Thanks to IBCD’s Hope + Help Podcast for this interview with Jim Newheiser, author of Help! My Anger Is Out of Control. In this episode of the Hope + Help Podcast, host Christine Chappell interviews Jim Newheiser about his minibook, Help! My Anger is Out of Control. Some of the questions addressed in this interview are: • What is a biblical definition of anger and what are its common characteristics?• Is it true that circumstances and/or people “make” us angry?• Why is it that angry people are prone to being blind to their sinful anger?• What are some of the ways anger can manifest in our daily life and relationships?• What hope is there for someone who feels like their […]

The Little Book of Great Comfort for Grieving Christians

Two “Little Books” Now In Stock

The Little Book of Coffee-Cup Meditations is a pocket-sized sampler of twenty devotional readings from the larger series of books, My Coffee-Cup Meditations, which are short, easy-to-read, Bible-based devotions. And J. Aaron White’s The Little Book of Great Comfort for Grieving Christians is a series of meditations on the eighth chapter of Romans.

Three New Audiobooks!

We are pleased to announce that three of our titles are newly available as audiobooks, and can be purchased now from Shepherd Press, Audible, Apple, and Google storefronts: “Don’t Make Me Count to Three,” “Christ Formed In You,” and “Unmet Expectations.”

Announcing “That’s A Good Question” by BarbaraJo Tripp Bowers

In That’s A Good Question, BarbaraJo Tripp Bowers ponders twenty-four surprising questions that God asked in the Scriptures. Starting with God’s question to Hagar in Genesis 16:8 (“Where have you come from and where are you going?”) and continuing with questions to Adam, Cain, Job, Jacob, Moses, and many more, she considers why God would have asked these questions to which He certainly already knew the answer. Her insights provide rich food for thought and will spur you to deeper faith in the God who asked these surprising questions. That’s A Good Question is available now for purchase and is an excellent resource for personal or group study.