New review of “Help! I Get Panic Attacks

If you’ve never had a panic attack, it can be challenging to understand the experience. Maybe that’s because to the casual observer, they appear entirely unreasonable and unnecessary—why “freak out” when there seems to be no real or present danger? Yet, to those suffering from terrifying bouts of paralyzing fear, the experience feels more like a curse than a choice, more like a heavily-fortified prison to escape than a simple equation to solve.

That’s why Help! I Get Panic Attacks is such a needed resource—biblical counsel is all the more meaningful when sufferers know it’s battle born (2 Cor. 1:3-10). And author Lucy Ann Moll knows. She knows what it’s like for panic to disrupt everyday life. She knows what it is for intrusive thoughts to barge their way in uninvited. She even knows the physical manifestations of panic and how hard those can be to overcome. But most importantly, she knows what it’s like to walk with Jesus out of the crippling cycle of fear. Though the journey is neither quick nor easy, she knows that we “can have hope that God will work in us to free us” (p. 46) from panic’s prison.

She knows this because that’s what He did for her.

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