Note to a Young Girl

Everyday Talk
Everyday Talk

This note is from an unpublished collection of notes written to a daughter of a close family friend. She is like many young children. She struggles with fears, with the sad things in life, with being afraid when she goes to sleep at night. As I wrote this one, I thought it might be helpful to some of you as well. This is note 28 of 30.

Hi sweetheart,

One thing we have talked about in these notes is that being sad and being afraid are part of life. So, you should not be surprised when you feel sadness or fear. The really comforting thing is that God knows all about being sad and fearful. What God wants you to do is trust him to care for you.

If you believe that God is truly in control, if you believe that NOTHING is a surprise to him, then you can always trust him. Remember, he is always everywhere! We have talked about faith. Having faith does not mean that you will never be said or afraid. Having faith means knowing God is always there with you and that he will take care of you.

Here is a prayer that Ruth wrote to help you when you feel sad or afraid.

“Father in heaven, please help me to trust you. Thank you that you are in control of everything and you do everything for my good. You have promised to care of me. Help me to believe and act on that, even when I’m afraid. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This is a great prayer to memorize. It is a prayer of faith to be prayed often. It is one that I pray everyday!

My own sin, your own sin, will keep us from having faith and trusting God. Jesus loves us. He gives you faith. This means he took the punishment for all that you have done wrong. He did that so you can trust him and pray Ruth’s prayer for yourself.

Rest well because God has promised to care for you!

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