Pornography: A Virus That Is Redefining Relationships and Marriage

Tim Challies argues that “pornography reshapes our very understanding of sex, manhood, and womanhood.” Tim is right. Pornography views people as objects whose purpose is to serve the wants and desires of others. Relationships are valued for what pleasure they produce. Pornography ignites a passion for self-gratification and little else. Our children are growing up at a time where self-sacrifice is viewed as fool’s game. Sex exists to serve personal cravings. In this cultural climate all relationships suffer, but none more painfully than marriage.

Tim Challies has written an essential read for parents facing the challenge of raising children totally immersed in the flood waters of pornographic culture. HELP! My Kids are Viewing Pornography provides parents the necessary tools to not only understand the dangers of pornography but also how to protect your family from this toxic virus. Here is the table of contents:

  • Our Pornified Culture
  • A Theology of Sex and Masturbation
  • Hope in a Porn-Filled World
  • A Porn-Free Family
  • Where Can I Get More Help

This Lifeline mini-book is to the point and full of exactly the kinds of guidance and strategies that you need to deploy against this vicious attack of the enemy upon your family. For example:

“Implicit in pornography is the understanding that women (and increasingly men) exist to be exploited for the pleasure of others. Women are not to be embraced as friends or wooed or admired. Rather, they are to be conquered, used, and left behind. Boys who immerse themselves in pornography are not able to fulfill their God-given role as leaders and protectors. Instead they become exploiters.”

Don’t miss this needed and on target insight that shows the destructive mindset of the porn world: ”Pornography is inherently violent and unloving. It is not about mutual love, care, and commitment, but about conquests and vanquishing, about “having your way” (a revealing phrase) with someone else. It rips love away from sex, leaving sex as the immediate gratification of base desires. It lives beyond rules, ethics, and morality. In this way, it is a perversion of sexuality, not a true form of it, and one that teaches depravity and degradation at the expense of mutual pleasure and intimacy.”

Tim then finishes the mini-book with a really helpful section on how to protect your home from this virus. He calls it “The Porn-Free Family Plan.” This plan requires four actions: Plan, Prepare, Meet, and Monitor, all of which are described in detail in the book.

Don’t wait to take action. Get this valuable resource so that you can take captive the destructive thoughts of our culture for the honor of God and the safety of your family!


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