Guiltless Living

Author: Ginger Hubbard
Paperback, 120 pages
ISBN 9781936908639

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About the book

Through captivating stories, edgy humor, and shocking confessions, Ginger Hubbard drops the act and gets real in this brutally honest look at the seldom admitted, rarely talked about sins of the heart. Removing her “good Christian” mask, Ginger opens the dark chapters of her heart in order to share about the glorious grace of God toward repentant sinners. Get ready to laugh. Get ready to cry. Get ready for a deeper, more authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This is what real Christianity is all about. Includes a Seven-Week Bible Study ideal for small groups.


“Can one book be both laugh out loud funny and tremendously poignant, convicting and helpful at the same time? The answer is “Yes” if it is Guiltless Living by Ginger Hubbard. Ginger is one wicked sinner, but she also knows the cure for her wickedness—and yours. Read Ginger’s honest book and grow in grace.”
—Todd Friel, TV and radio host

“I couldn’t put Guiltless Living down! Ginger has written a book that will change the way we look at our struggles and overcome our sins, in the light of God’s grace. Her oh-so-honest confessions made me squirm as I saw myself in them, but I was glad! Ginger helped me see ‘I’m a serial sinner’ loved and covered by the grace of God.”
—Renee Swope, Author, A Confident Heart, radio host, “Everyday Life”

“Remember that old bumper sticker: ‘Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven?’ Well, Ginger’s written a charming and often hilarious book explaining why we always seem to blow it—and what we can do about it. I saw myself on every page.”
—David Murrow, Author, Why Men Hate Going to Church

“With stunning transparency and gut-wrenching honesty, Ginger shares her failures and mistakes in a way that motivates readers to evaluate themselves. She powerfully weaves biblical truths together with human frailty and always arrives at the same conclusion—we are sinners saved by grace. This will lead you to a new view of freedom in Christ.”
—Mary Southerland, Author and Women’s Ministry Motivator

About the author

Ginger Hubbard, founder of Preparing the Way Ministries, is the author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three! and Wise Words for Moms. She is a contributing author to several books and many magazines. She has been interviewed on television and radio shows, including The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Primary Focus, Family Life Today, Revive our Hearts and Focus on the Family. While Ginger enjoys reading, writing and spending time on Lake Martin with her husband Ronnie, her primary passion in life is to glorify God. Ginger is a veteran home schooling mom of two fabulous children, and stepmom to two much adored sons.


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