Red Like Blood

Red Like Blood
Red Like Blood

Shepherd Press has just released its newest title, Red Like Blood. Red Like Blood is a book about the raw power of grace that changes lives in ways beyond what we have come to expect. This kind of grace, in some ways, is uncomfortable, because it will not let us escape the truth that God changes whom he wishes. The Apostle Paul was an unlikely and uncomfortable target for this kind of grace. So were Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington, the authors of Red Like Blood.

Bob Bevington has graciously consented to answer a few questions about the book.  I thought these would be interesting to you.  I’ll post a question or two each day for the next few days.

Jay: Red Like Blood is not the usual “Christian”- sounding title for a book. Why did you want to use this title for your book?

Bob: It seems like the color red should be the favorite color of every Christian – because if it weren’t for his blood there would be no such thing as a Christian.

We also chose Red Like Blood because a book with a similar title, Blue like Jazz, came out a few years ago. It was very well written and influenced the lives of millions. It chronicled the author’s spiritual journey. We were inspired by the author’s honest transparency and vulnerability. But we wished the author would have communicated the centrality of the gospel in every authentic Christian journey. So we decided to do a project with similar style but with a cross-centered focus.

You can purchase Red Like Blood here.

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