Review of “31 Ways to be a One-Another Christian”

Thanks to Sue Nicewander Delaney and the Biblical Counseling Coalition for this positive review of 31 Ways to be a “One-Another” Christian.

“Rich with Scripture verses and biblical examples, the authors’ clear, gentle but poignant style and powerful use of the Word make this a convicting read. Every believer can point to both failed and successful personal relationships. Sometimes our interactions are full of joy, but others may prove to be so difficult that the wisest route seems unclear. The authors’ skillful construction of application questions can serve as a laser that surgically reveals personal responsibility. Scott and Jin urge readers to engage according to the example of Jesus Christ, who clarifies and refines our motives as He leads us. The revelations of God about our hearts can be very painful. Still, Christ reveals how we can find victory in gospel truth and personal growth even while experiencing the ungodly reactions of others. Are our current relational choices built upon love for God and our neighbor? The one-anothers bring our motives to light and urge us to reconsider how we might better respond.” Read the full review at the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

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