So you want proof?

An atheist wrote in with a question about a recent post:

I have posted the question here along with a request to engage her about her beliefs as an atheist. I thought that our readers would be interested as well. I will keep you up to date. Please pray that God will use this opportunity to bring honor to his name.

“Can you prove that we’re all going to stand face to face with Jesus Christ one day? (And the Bible doesn’t count as proof, since you can’t prove that it’s anything more than an extremely old book of mythology.) Or will you admit that your beliefs are based on nothing more than blind faith, just like the beliefs of a Muslim, a Hindu, a Sikh, a Jew, or any other religious person, which means that there’s no way that you can possibly know that your beliefs are any sort of truth?”

My response:

The uniqueness of the Bible is directly tied to its message. You want me, and others to believe that your assertions are true simply because you say them. You want me to offer proof of my beliefs when you offer no proof for your position except that you say it is so. You are claiming there is no God, no standard of ethics, no sense of right and wrong unless you approve. Where is your proof?

The proof of Christianity is in its message and in its savior. A Christian who believes the Bible has nothing to with blind faith. There is nothing about Christianity that teaches you how to earn favor with God because no one can do that. Only in Christianity do you find a unique Savior who requires nothing of you and from you. You can do nothing that impresses him. And yet, after all of this, Jesus Christ purposed to die for those that hate him.

Hannah, I ask you again with all sincerity where is your proof that all of this is wrong? People have believed the truth of Christianity for thousands of years. People have believed in Jesus Christ from every type of ethnic background and social structure.

If you would like to have a serous discussion about things I would love to engage you about these beliefs. I will even publish your comments in a separate post and provide you with an opportunity to defend what you believe. I will be respectful to you and offer you the opportunity for an open discussion. If you don’t want to, I understand, but it would not be wise for me to get into an emotional back and forth with you. It would be dishonoring to God, to Christianity and to you. You demand proof from me, but where is the proof that comforts you and the person who looks back at you in the mirror.

I hope that you do choose to have this discussion. I will pray that you come to know the one true God and his son.

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