Social media and your kids – part 2

The question we posed in the last post was this: If it was possible to remove all of social media would your children be better off?

The answer: not really. Social media isn’t the problem. The heart is. The world, the flesh and the Devil will bring negative influences even if social media is not available. Here is what I Corinthians 10:31 and Colossians 3:17 teach:

If something cannot be done to add to God’s reputation, that is the glory of God, with gratitude to God, in the name of Christ, it should not be done!

How is this a realistic, practical objective?

We learn from Psalm 139 that it is not possible to exclude God from any portion of your life. He is there whether you want him to be or not. He is impossible to ignore!

Thus, not consciously thinking how God can be honored in every action or thought can be seen for what it is – an act of rebellion to God! Not rebellion in the sense of shaking one’s fist in the face of God, but in the sense of ignoring the presence of God. He is too great and wonderful to be ignored.

You see, there are no causal moments when God stops being God and fails to love you and watch over you. Conversely there should be no casual moments when you ignore God’s constant care and presence. So, the idea of a tweet or text or Facebook reply that does not show appreciation for the 24/7 presence of the Lord should become increasingly repugnant.

God made us to know hard times. But he also made us to have fun. He made us to enjoy sex on his terms. He should not be ignored at any moment of life.

No, none of us is going to arrive at this point overnight. However, this can become a natural emotional response rather than a laborious burden. Note Joseph’s immediate response when offered the opportunity for sexual pleasure:
“…How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?”

This is the goal to strive for, both for yourselves and for your children. When your kids are using their thumbs to pound out a quick response on a smart phone they are doing so in front of the face of God. This reality has to become practical. You must lead by example.

Is the 24/7 presence of God a life-changing reality to you? Are your casual moments spent with the awareness of God’s intimate involvement in your life?

There are no rules to follow here, just an awareness of the awesome person of God. He is there when your mind begins to wander into the edgy fog of lust. He is there when your child is treated unkindly at school. He is there when the lure of social media says he is not.

There is nothing more practical or more real than living in 24/7 presence of God.

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