Why Christmas?

A note from Tedd Tripp

Every Christian parent is on the lookout for good ways to teach their children the basic elements of the Christian faith. Why Christmas? and the companion book Why Easter? are illustrated books to aid parents in giving children insight into these profound events.

Barbara Reaoch, International Director of Children’s Programs for Bible Study Fellowship, brings a lifetime of teaching experience to these devotional volumes. They are designed for daily reading times in the twenty-eight days leading up to Easter or Christmas.

The devotional for each day inclues a Bible passage, a Listen section that gives some devotional concepts, a Truth that highlights an important idea from the passage, a Discuss time that prompts thinking with good questions, a Bible Memory section followed by a Sing time.

Parents will appreciate the way Barbara Reaoch tackles tough theological issues such as sin, God’s holiness, and the fact that sin must be punished and God’s justice must be vindicated. She skillfully unpacks these deep truths in ways that are simple without being shallow.

For evangelicals who do not follow the church calendar, these family devotionals will be a good way to bring rich biblical content to our children in ways that deepen their understanding of these Christian holidays.
~ Tedd Tripp

Shepherd Press