Stupid Rain

God wants you to look at the world His way. You can learn to be thankful for a rainout. You can even learn to be intrigued at what God is doing. How many other events did He change by that thunderstorm? You are observing God at work! God wants you to use the ordinary events of life to teach your children to know and trust God and His Son.

Here is a practical example of this point.

Let’s say you planned a special day. You scheduled this day weeks ahead. Today is the day. You were going to finish a landscaping project in the morning and then meet the guys for a round of golf at the country club. You had arranged to take the day off to get it all done. The forecast was for clear skies. But the growing puddles of rainwater spreading across the ground say the forecast was wrong. Your mood matches the dark clouds. You turn away from the window and mutter a comment about the stupid (or worse) rain.

“What, Daddy?”

Why couldn’t it rain tomorrow?


“Uh, what did you say, son?”

“What’s stupid?”

“Oh, nothing. Why don’t you go clean your room? Daddy’s busy now.”

These unguarded words from your mouth present a powerful view of God to your children. Your seemingly casual words forcefully instruct your children about God—for good or for bad. How would Satan want you to talk to your kids about something as basic as the weather? Your big golf date (or boating day, or baseball game, or garden show, etc.) gets rained out. You find yourself angry and upset. You say something like, “Why couldn’t it have waited until tomorrow? I’ve been weeks setting this up. Stupid rain! I can’t believe what bad luck this is!”

These comments communicate to your kids just how well you think Jesus Christ, the Lord of the wind and the waves, is running His world. You are complaining against His decision to bring rain when you didn’t want Him to. Whom are you pleasing? Whom do you think is cheering you on, saying, “Go for it, keep it up, couldn’t have said it better myself, atta boy!” (Hint: it’s not the Holy Spirit.)

Think about it. Do you really want to present God’s actions in His world with Satan’s spin? You only have so many words, so many minutes to show God’s truth to your kids. God wants you to make them all count. Your children can hear Satan’s spin from the world all the time. They need to hear God’s truth spoken with love and awe by parents who are following God’s direction in Deuteronomy 6:5-7. 

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