Supreme Court: God & Bible are Irrelevant

In two 5-4 decisions, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that person of God and his Scripture are no longer relevant with regard to the institution of marriage. In the place of God, the Court has ruled that the will of men determines what constitutes marriage.

The court’s decision is built on a moral foundation less stable than quicksand.

Let’s be clear, these verdicts are more about the failure of the church to be salt and light than they are about the failure of the Supreme Court. For at least three generations the church has allowed her children to be taught that God has no part in the educational process. It began by teaching that God has nothing to do with math, science, economics, literature, or civics. This soon spread to the teaching that God has nothing to do with morality and history.

The court majority swept aside the view of marriage that has been upheld throughout recorded history. The court’s replacement view was not even a consideration twenty years ago. Arrogance moves with astounding haste and lack of caution.

In writing for the majority, Justice Kennedy wrote:

“The Defense of Marriage Act’s principal effect is to identify a subset of state-sanctioned marriages and make them unequal…”

Notice that Kennedy deemed marriage between a man and a woman to be “state-sanctioned.” Herein lies the problem – marriage is not state-sanctioned. It is ordained by God. Of course, this view of the state-sanctioned marriage is consistent with the current educational belief in evolution and social determinism.

God, his word, his glory and his salvation have not been the foundation of our children’s education. Thus, what happened to the nation of Israel has happened to the United States – every man does what is right in his own eyes.

We have abandoned the role of the formative instruction of our children to those who do not bow in humility before God and his word.  Until God is acknowledged for who he says he is, America will continue to make moral judgements based upon the quicksand of post-modern, existential thought. The problem lies not with a particular form of education. The problem lies with any form of education that does not see God’s truth as the only solid foundation for life.

If this makes you uncomfortable, that is good thing. Do whatever it takes to teach your children that the truth of Scripture and the power of the gospel extends to every area of life. Understand the ominous warnings behind this ruling. God is not irrelevant. He is not mocked. God is not bound by the ruling of the Supreme Court. He is bound by his will, his justice, his holiness. He will act accordingly.

For the sake of our children, our churches, our country may we begin to live according to the reality that our God is a consuming fire. May we hold to the gospel as the only hope for the rescue of man. May we live God’s truth as the only path of restoration.

All other ground is sinking sand.

(This is first of several posts to be made throughout the summer that will deal with this topic.)




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