Tedd Tripp on Smart Phones and Your Kids

It’s Christmas! I know, not exactly breaking news. But there is one item that is at the top of the list of “must-have” gifts for your children, Smart Phones!  Your kids have a thousand and one reasons why they need a smart phone now: it will help them with school work, they can keep up with their friends so they aren’t isolated, they can keep up with current events, the can follow their favorite sports team and many other “compelling” reasons. Then, of course, there are all the reasons that your children don’t want you to know about! 

So, what do you do? Tedd Tripp has a brilliant, low-tech, cost effective solution for you! Listen to his wise suggestion to your children’s pleas for a smart phone.

“Do your kids need a phone? Are they ready for a smart phone? If so, I have a suggestion:

“Don’t give them a phone. Let them use yours.

“Here is the conversation you want to have:

“‘I have a phone here—it is my phone, I bought it, it is on my plan and I would like to let you use my phone. Here are the conditions… “(whatever conditions you deem appropriate).” As long as you honor these conditions, you can use my phone. Oh, and since it is my phone, I have the passwords and I can look at my phone when ever I think it is appropriate. If you can accept these conditions, I would love to have you use my phone.’

“Think about it. Once I say, ‘Here, I bought you a phone,’ whose phone is it? So, don’t give your kids a phone, let them use yours. Merry Christmas!”

Shepherd Press