Teenagers Sacrificed on Altar of Sexual Promiscuity.

This was a difficult post to write. The content is unpleasant. But if we love God and love our children we have no choice but to become salt and light to a dark nation.

America has become obsessed with the pursuit of sexual lust. Our nation risks the death of teenagers in order to be rid God’s design for sex. If you have doubts about this, note today’s headlines.

One popular news site today posted these two headline links in consecutive order:

1. FDA Approves Morning-After Pill For Over-the-Counter sales Age 15 and Up

2. Doctor: Gonorrhea super bug worse than Aids

On the one hand the FDA has just approved a drug that will encourage sexual activity among teenagers. On the other hand national health organizations are sounding the alarm about an anti-biotic resistant strain of gonorrhea.

“It’s an emergency situation,” said William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “As time moves on, it’s getting more hazardous.”

So, while our nation’s teenagers are exposed to a new and deadly threat from sexual activity, the FDA responds by making a morning after pill available to any 15 year old and older with no prescription. 

With this sort of care for our young people, it is fair to say that they are being sacrificed on the altar of sexual promiscuity. This is another indication that our country has no more use for marriage. For sexual lust to reign, marriage must be destroyed as an institution. 

No, this language is not too strong. These headlines demonstrate how little God’s Word is valued by our leaders. Our nation has cast off marriage and embraced self-pleasure as its bottom line. In other words, we want nothing to do with the God of the Bible. What can you do?

Teach your children the folly of flaunting God. God established marriage at the very beginning of the human race. To understand the importance of marriage, we must first be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The cold truth is that our country, our laws, our leaders are seeking the end of marriage as a social institution. The attack on marriage is violent. Abortion, the embrace of pornography, the relational damage done to people who engage in extra-marital sex, and now making the morning after pill available to our teenagers all show the nature of this violence. This is the price that is paid so that marriage can be cast aside as the place for sexual relations. The attack on marriage masquerades as a quest for fairness. Why should sex be restricted to marriage? Who is God to impose such restrictions? It really is that simple and that evil.

Proverbs 4 teaches that the way of the wicked is deep darkness. They don’t know what makes them stumble. 

Pray for the courage to be salt and light. Only the gospel can rescue us from ourselves.

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