The Reprint of Genesis is Here!

The first volume of the Herein is Love series, Genesis is here, fresh from the printer. The text has been re-edited to make it even more accessible and useable. The power of God in creation is on display in the pages of these books. This volume will enhance and encourage your love for God’s Word. It will lead you to a deeper appreciation of what God has wonderfully done. We are not here by happenstance, but by the design and purpose of the will of God. This volume and the others in this series tell of the wonderful plan of God with all of its intricacies. It is this rich story unfolding from the pages of Scripture that shows the futility of man’s efforts to remove God from the role of Creator. Shepherd Press is thrilled and excited to offer this tool for your use and God’s glory. Here are the words of one noted and respected biblical scholar:

“Where can one even think of finding such treasures as these fine commentaries on Bible books written for children? A tour de force in children’s literature.”

Derek W. H. Thomas, John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology, RTS

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