The worship of God is unacceptable to America.

This past week’s headlines certainly grabbed our attention. There were at least two that indicated America’s growing intolerance of God. One was a study from the University of Michigan that finds cohabitation has statistically become the living arrangement of choice for young women.  Pamela Smock, a director of the study said this:

“By the time they’re 20, 1 in 4 women ages 15 to 44 in the U.S. have lived with a man, and by the time they’re 30, that ratio climbs to 3 in 4, the new study shows. “The question becomes not who cohabits, but who doesn’t?” Smock says.”

The second story is about a federal judge clearing the way for a “morning-after pill” to be available for females of any age. The order is to take effect in thirty days. Previously, a woman had to be at least 17 to buy the Plan B pill. This means a 12 or 13 year-old female can buy this pill without parental consent or a doctor’s supervision. The door for sexual exploitation of young women has just been blown wide open at the direction of our courts. 

These two stories combined with the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage in June do indeed tell us that the commands of God are no longer relevant  and no longer welcome in our culture. God has become an object of open hatred for many in America. Note the vitriol and anger expressed towards Rick Warren over the suicide of his son. Even USA Today was shocked at the hatred directed at Warren in response to this tragic event. 

What will our corporate worship look like in the face of a culture openly hostile to God? As of this moment we can pretty much worship as we please. But what happens when the focus of America’s hatred for God moves away from public figures like John MacArthur, Kirk Cameron, James Dobson, or Rick Warren and sets it’s sights on your church?

What God has said about marriage, abortion, sexual activity, and his call for holiness is now scorned.  Biblical truth is now hate speech. How will you worship when the truth you believe becomes the object of wrath by your neighbors?  If you haven’t thought about this – it is time to do so. We must worship God for who He is and not for any other reason. If we truly worship him we must do as he says. 

There is only one response, we must once again become salt and light or, we too, will be fit only for the manure pile. Let’s leave our children the legacy of light and courage rather than the alternative. God is not mocked. He will respond according to his honor at a time of his choosing. Of this we can be certain. He is worthy of worship!

As a post-script, if you would like some biblically-framed material to help you think through these issues, I would recommend Instructing a Child’s Heart and Everyday Talk from Shepherd Press. 

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