This book belongs on the bookshelf of every father!

Time for The Talk
Time for The Talk

Time for The Talk will help fathers walk their sons through one of the most important conversations of their lives. “The Talk” is much broader than just a talk about sexuality; it’s a conversation about manhood, about right decisions, about Christ. Time for The Talk will assist you in giving your son what he needs to steer through the moral and spiritual confusion of this world and make wise, godly, character-forming decisions. You will be equipping him to enter true manhood—a passage that many young men today never make. This book not only provides a complete framework for discussing the key areas of manhood that every boy should learn from his father; it also guides you into developing a relationship based on truth and love that will endure for life.

“This book belongs on the bookshelf of every father. As a father myself, our sex-saturated world makes the prospect of having “the talk” a terrifying one. That is why I am thankful for this book.—“the talk” is about much more than anatomy and physical changes, it is about instilling godly character and teaching God’s good intention for his creation. Time for the Talk is an invaluable resource filled with wisdom and practical how-to’s that will guide and encourage a father in his relationship and responsibility to his son. Even though my son is only four, this book has given me hope that I can faithfully and honestly have “the talk” with him when the time is right. I look forward to revisiting this book as my son grows, and pray that God will use Time for the Talk not only in my family, but in every family who can get their hands on it.”
– Micah Bickford, Westminster Bookstore Staff

Hear an interview with Time for the Talk author, Steve Zollos.

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