To Be a Christian is To Be With One Another

Life is about relationships. This simple, profound statement is the theme of a new book from Shepherd Press:

31 Ways to be A One-Another Christian:
Loving Others With the Love of Jesus

Authors Dr. Stuart Scott and S. Andrew Jin will take you a journey to discover the wonder of the power of relationships. The three Persons of the Trinity exist in eternity in a perfect relationship. Jesus says in John 17 that eternal life is knowing God and his Son. So we can readily see how the authors conclude that “People, created in the image God, are made for relationship.” We are made to “One-Another.” This is especially true for believers in Christ. To be in Christ is to be with one another. This is what we are made for.

Sin shows its ugliness in our relationships as problems arise with: spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, employers, employees, etc. Indeed, a quick scan of the daily headlines reveals brokenness almost everywhere.  

The good news is the Bible is full of ways to make broken relationships whole!  This book is about the “One Another” passage in Scripture. As you can tell from the title, there are 31 short, engaging chapters that open up how this vitally important topic of “one-anothering’ impacts your life.

In each chapter, you will find a different thought regarding relationship principles complete with illustrations and applications. Understanding relationships is the basis of what it means to be connected to the body of Christ, to be connected to one another!

Here are the application questions for the first chapter:

  • How can you work toward being much more intentional in showing brotherly affection to other believers?
  • List several good things from your relationship with family members you can implement in your relationship with other believers.
  • Write down the name of one believer you have been neglecting to treat like a blood relative. Then mention several specific ways you can implement this command in your life this week.
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