What is Biblical instruction?

Biblical instruction is at once kind, gracious, sensitive, gentle, and authoritative. It encourages questions from the earliest days that a child can talk. Questions are good and must be welcomed and answered with care and concern. Biblical instruction avoids clichés, harsh quips, anger and frustration. It is patient and does not keep a running tally of wrongs. Biblical instruction requires humility on the part of parents. It refuses to pre-judge or jump to conclusions. Biblical instruction equips. Biblical instruction cannot be taught by rote or adherence to blind allegiance. It is fueled by hope, not fear. It does not shut down opposing points of view, but engages them. 


Biblical Instruction requires parents to be sensitive, compassionate listeners. Biblical instruction is given with patience and pleasant words. It is centered on truth, not stereotype. This instruction meets children where they are with the grace and wisdom of God’s word. The goal of biblical instruction is to prepare children to handle the challenges of a world committed to the glory of man instead of to the glory of God. It delights in the God-given blessing of children. It rejoices in the value and worth of each child. Biblical instruction quickly acknowledges the sins of parents and eagerly pursues children’s forgiveness when needed. 


Most of all, biblical instruction recognizes that a child’s most profound need is the wisdom of God rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ and illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

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