What Rain Teaches Your Children

Noah: A Journal of PraiseLooking out onto my back lawn the sun is shining brightly and deep rumbles of thunder mix in with the sound of falling rain. Rain, sun and thunder. Each has valuable lessons to teach you and your children about how the world works.

Paul told people in Lystra who were trying to offer sacrifices to him and Barnabas about the God that they were neglecting to worship. He told them that the God that he served had shown his kindness to them in ways that made the difference in their everyday lives. He brought them the rain and sun-light to grow their crops so that they would have food to eat.

Often we take the rain for granted except when it messes up our plans or there is not enough of it. But in Acts 4:17, Paul uses the reality of God’s providence to tell people about Christ. All people deserve the punishment of hell, but instead God shows his kindness through the rain and the sun.

Paul used the things we take for granted as opportunities for evangelism. Without rain, we would die. Too much rain yields floods that remind us of just how dependent we are upon God. And people also die in floods. No rain or too much rain – both speak of the power of God and remind us that our lives are in his hands.

If Paul could use the rain to speak about Christ, so can you. Paul says the rain testifies about the kindness and wonder of God. Suppose, you talked that way about rain whenever God sends it to your house. Sometimes, the rain changes plans and disrupts schedules. Is this just a random event or bad luck? Or is it an evidence that the Lord of the wind and rain has different plans for you this day than what you expected?

Sun, rain and thunder all testify to the greatness of God, the kindness of God, the uniqueness of God. They provide opportunities to teach your children this is God’s world and they are subject to him. They provide opportunities to stand in awe of God when you talk to friends, co-workers, or even strangers when he brings rain or does not bring rain. Paul says the rain testifies to who God is. All you have to do to begin talking about God is to talk about the rain. Amazing!


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