Where has marriage gone?

This week FoxNews cites a study that shows that 48% of all first time births in the United States are out of wedlock. Also this week, the Governor of Colorado signed a bill into law that repealed adultery as a crime in Colorado. 


Whatever moral compass we have had has clearly ceased to function. We no longer know what side is up. These events indicate the growing rejection of God’s authority in social matters. 


We must strive to make God special, precious, and desirable to our children. We must teach what awe and fear have to do with God. If we are to lead our children though this moral mess, the light of God must shine brightly above all else in our lives.


Where has marriage gone? Where has the authority of God gone? 


Actually, they are both alive and well. The same cannot be said of a people that choose to ignore God and how he has told us to live. Pray that God cause his church to have compassion for a dark, lost world. Pray that we would be salt and light.

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