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An Atheist’s 10 Commandments

Parents, how is your view of God’s law functionally different from atheist Penn Jillette’s? The reality is that no one can keep even Jillette’s version of the commandments. While seeking to prove you don’t need God to be moral, he has proved just the opposite. As Romans 2 teaches, not even Jillette can keep his own commandments. He is condemned by his own words. Having said that let’s make sure our children see the beauty and depth of God’s commandments in contrast to Jillette’s moral-isms. Let me know your thoughts! Here are Jillette’s commandments: 1. The highest ideals are human intelligence, creativity and love. Respect these above all. 2. Do not put things or even ideas above other human beings. […]

An Interview with Steve Zollos Author of Time For The Talk

Steve Zollos, author of Time for the Talk, Shepherd Press’ newest release has answered some important questions about his new book and why he wrote it. I want to share this interview with you over the next few days. This book is a significant accomplishment. It will families reclaim a biblical view of sexuality for their sons. The book is frank without being sensational. Time for the Talk offers wise counsel and is a safe guide to lead your sons into biblical manhood. Let me know your thoughts about the book and the interview. There will be a link at the end of the interview for more information about the book. Why a book about The Talk? Everything a father […]

Second-Hand Television

The “experts” have found something new to warn us about – second-hand tv. However, this time they might be on to something. USA Today reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics “for the first time included warnings about “secondhand television” in its guidelines for kids under age 2.” The article also includes the following quote: “Parents are distracted by TV the same way preschoolers are,” says Lisa Guernsey, author of the 2007 book Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children From Birth to Age Five. She says young children learn much more from face-to-face interaction than a screen.” Ms. Guernsey has it right. The danger from ubiquitous TV is not just the content on the screen but […]

Blessings of Obedience – Response to Wendy

In Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp talks about the benefits of teaching children to obey. But, as Tedd explains, this obedience is not simply a rote, automatic response. Tedd unpacks the biblical teaching by showing that there are three vital components to obedience. Requiring all three components of obedience is not optional, but essential; more on this in a moment. This understanding obedience is the foundation for the answer to Wendy’s question about how to help her children obey in settings away from home.

Question about Obedience

Here is a question from one our readers. Actually it is a real-life scenario with some thoughtful considerations and questions. These kinds of questions and scenarios are always welcome on the blog! Thanks to Wendy for sending it in. Read it over, see what you thoughts are and I will respond to it tomorrow.