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Explanations & Pleasant Words

Proverbs Chapter 16 states that pleasant words promote instruction. If you have read the previous two posts in this series you know that I have some reservations about the use of explanations in training children to follow Christ. Explanation as a method of training is tied to the belief that teaching children is based on information transfer; if I explain to my kids how they should behave, what they did wrong and how to change, then my expectation is that they will behave differently and for the better. The problem with this method is that it misses the reality that behavior flows from the heart, not just from a correct understanding of the situation.

Explanation may lead to Exasperation

Ephesians warns fathers not to exasperate their children. To be sure, there are a number of ways to exasperate children.  But, I believe one of the most subtle and discouraging ways of doing this is the wrong use of explanations in disciplining children. Explanations can become damaging when they are based on attempts at persuasive argumentation, rather than training based upon Scripture.

Explanation, Frustration & Anger

One common problem that parents face is attempting to explain their decisions to their children. The logic for explanations runs something like this: If I can just get my children to understand the reason for my direction, then they will be more likely to follow my instruction. While this may sound like solid reasoning, it is not. Children are not in need of lengthy, compelling explanations. What they are in need of is the understanding that God must be obeyed. This is true regardless of the ages of your children. In young children and toddlers, lengthy explanations cloud the real issue.  Obedience is a response to God’s authority. Biblical obedience is not a matter of winning a debate.  Young children […]

How Does the World Talk about God? What Do Your Children Hear?

Christians don’t live in a vacuum. What the world says (or assumes) about God bombards you and your families. Even when you attempt to screen out the flood of unbiblical propaganda, it is still there, filtering in from every direction. If it does not come in through the front door, it comes in through the back door or side door, or the open window. If you are careful about which shows your kids watch, it is practically impossible to filter out the commercials with subtle, negative content. If you watch the news, either the network or cable variety, your family will hear a constant stream of false rationale for why things happen the way they do. For example, if you […]

I Have Eagerly Desired …

On a Thursday evening, some 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ had come to the end of his time on earth—the time of subjecting himself to life on earth. After 33 years of perfect obedience, doing all that his Father had given him to do, eighteen hours of crushing temptation and agony yet remained. Everything that Christ had accomplished in his life now came down to these final eighteen hours. From those to whom he had been the closest he would see jealousy, greed, betrayal and abandonment. From the Enemy he would again know temptation—though this time, he would not be tempted by the aroma of fresh bread, but by the unspeakable injustice and hatred of a world plunged into sin. […]

How much more will he clothe you!

Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.  If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith! God in his goodness provides reminders to us of his power, glory and majesty. One way he does this is through the delicate wonder of flowers. Whether it be a lily or a rose or an orchard we see beauty that points to the true beauty of Christ. Yes, there are troubles in this life. But God is […]

Easter – What Difference Does it Make?

If you were to do a word association quiz about Easter for today’s man (or, to be politically correct, for today’s person on the street) what sort of responses might you expect? The culturally correct person  would say things like egg hunts, bunnies, and chocolate eggs. Some would say new clothes and going to church. Still others might speak of spiritual renewal and the hope of Spring. Some might even mention that Easter marks the day that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. But the association that would be the most important consideration would be, “What difference does Easter make in your life?”  This question places everything in perspective. The new clothes and the eggs and the bunnies are […]

Where Does Your Strength Come From?

There are days when it seems as though you have no strength at all. You know what you should be doing; you know what the demands are. You work to accomplish your tasks. Yet, instead of finally achieving the satisfaction of accomplishment, you are overtaken by weariness. Where will your help come from?

This book belongs on the bookshelf of every father!

Time for The Talk will help fathers walk their sons through one of the most important conversations of their lives. “The Talk” is much broader than just a talk about sexuality; it’s a conversation about manhood, about right decisions, about Christ. Time for The Talk will assist you in giving your son what he needs to steer through the moral and spiritual confusion of this world and make wise, godly, character-forming decisions. You will be equipping him to enter true manhood—a passage that many young men today never make. This book not only provides a complete framework for discussing the key areas of manhood that every boy should learn from his father; it also guides you into developing a relationship […]

Declaring God Unreal, Civilly

Law student Sandra Fluke has become a national media figure (for the moment, at least), and an apologist for the unreality of God’s law and rule. She has not accomplished this with vituperative rants, but with “civil discourse” that “reflects reality.” On camera, Sandra Fluke’s even demeanor and business casual appearance hardly appear to make her a champion of evil. Parents, this type of “reasoned” calm argumentation is all the more dangerous because of its subtlety. These are the attacks on Christianity for which you must prepare your children. While they are young, while they are still at home, they must learn how to deal with such challenges.  Just what are the comments that Ms. Fluke has made? What has […]