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Post-Modern America is No Match for the Gospel

Two thousand years ago Rome was solidly entrenched as the Western World’s dominant power. Christians in the first century were persecuted and hunted as criminals. Yet, the church grew and prospered. Mighty Rome was no match for the gospel.  Similarly, post-modern America is no match for gospel. The Constitution can once again flourish and serve an electorate that honors God for who he is.  We can look at Executive Branch, the Congress, and the courts and say that biblical Christianity is doomed, and America with it. Or we can respond as the early Christians did and turn our country upside down. The strategy is not complicated. The early Christians were determined to live for God’s honor regardless of what the […]

The Constitution: A Blueprint for Destruction

Let me begin by saying that I believe that the United States Constitution is one of the greatest governing documents ever written. So, why would I say it is a blueprint for destruction? To answer that, we must first understand what the Constitution does not say. The Constitution does not say that for it to be an effective governing document, the nation which adopts it must be populated by bible-believing Christians. The Constitution does not say this, but John Adams did. He said:   “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”   The historical context of Adams’ statement can only mean he was talking about people […]