Post-Modern America is No Match for the Gospel

Two thousand years ago Rome was solidly entrenched as the Western World’s dominant power. Christians in the first century were persecuted and hunted as criminals. Yet, the church grew and prospered. Mighty Rome was no match for the gospel. 

Similarly, post-modern America is no match for gospel. The Constitution can once again flourish and serve an electorate that honors God for who he is.  We can look at Executive Branch, the Congress, and the courts and say that biblical Christianity is doomed, and America with it. Or we can respond as the early Christians did and turn our country upside down. The strategy is not complicated. The early Christians were determined to live for God’s honor regardless of what the governing authorities threatened.  Christians today can do the same thing. We can become salt and light to a confused, dark world. 

Christians can do today what Israel failed to do 3,000 years ago. We can tell our children about the wonderful, powerful, unstoppable God that we serve. This is what fueled Christians in the first century. Christians stood out from their dark culture by honoring God with their lives and speaking about the power of the gospel to liberate the human heart from the bondage of sin.

If hearts can be won for Christ, the culture and the government will change as well.  Being amazed that God made the grass green, roses red, and trees covered with the pastel beauty of spring is one way to show the glory of God to your kids. Even more spectacularly, you can be blown away that your sins are no longer counted against you. Recognizing the greatness of God throughout each day as you return good for evil will cause the gospel to spread, just as it did in ancient Rome. 

Post-modern America has no answer for people who answer only to God. The gospel is the blueprint for the rescue and restoration of a country that has lost its way – that does what is right in its own eyes. 

Shepherd the hearts of your children toward Christ and his commandments. This is what the gates of hell fear most.

This is the blueprint for hope!

If you haven’t done so already I urge you to invest 90 minutes of your time and look at the movie Monumental with your children.  This film shows you what can happen when God is honored for who he is. Monumental is a blueprint for hope. Check it out here. 

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