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Interview with Ginger Hubbard about Guiltless Living, Part 1

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ginger Hubbard about her new book, Guiltless Living.  Ginger shows  the courage of her faith as she is open about her walk with God. Her story will encourage women who want to live for Christ.  Click on the cover image above to pre-order the book at a 50% discount. Here is part one of the interview:   Q: Why were you compelled to write this book?  A: For most of my life, I struggled with trying to be a good Christian and then would feel defeated and depressed when I blew it. After much prayer and studying Scripture, God began to show me that there is no power in my own attempts to […]

Protect Your Children from Famine

Amos prophesied God’s judgement against the northern kingdom of Israel for her corruption and social injustice. At a time when Israel was prosperous and complacent, he warned that the Chosen People were not safe from God’s wrath.   The book of Amos was written to Israel, the norther kingdom. The church today is not the northern kingdom. The people of America are not the Chosen People that Amos prophesied to. Yet, we would be foolish not to see the parallels.     We, too, live with an abundance of possessions and provision.  We too live in a culture complacent in its sin. And, we also suffer from a famine of hearing the words of our Lord.  Love your children enough […]