Interview with Ginger Hubbard about Guiltless Living, Part 1

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ginger Hubbard about her new book, Guiltless Living.  Ginger shows  the courage of her faith as she is open about her walk with God. Her story will encourage women who want to live for Christ. 

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Here is part one of the interview:


Q: Why were you compelled to write this book? 

A: For most of my life, I struggled with trying to be a good Christian and then would feel defeated and depressed when I blew it. After much prayer and studying Scripture, God began to show me that there is no power in my own attempts to live right. In other words, I can determine to never be impatient or selfish or controlling (among other sins with which I struggle), but without the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through me, I simply cannot achieve righteous living. I began to realize that the battle over sin couldn’t be won by sheer willpower or by teeth-gritting determination, but by tucking myself underneath the full armor of God and trusting that God is not only fighting for me, but He’s already won the battle. 

Because of my own experience, I have great compassion for women who feel frustrated, defeated, tired and depressed from trying to be a good Christian. I wanted to offer them the same acceptance and freedom I have found. I desire all women to experience the full and richly satisfying joy of guiltless living by helping them embrace the forgiving and atoning work of Christ.

Q: You share some brutally honest confessions in regards to your own struggles with sin. What do you hope to accomplish by being so open about your own struggles?

A: I believe when we’re willing to be open and honest about our own struggles, God uses that openness to encourage others to do the same. Therefore, I’m willing to drop the act and get real. I’m removing my “good Christian” mask and exposing the dark corners of my heart so that I can share about the glorious grace of God toward repentant sinners.

I do want to be clear that it’s not sin in which I want to boast, but in the great things God has done and continues to do in my life, in hopes that others might open themselves up for the same.

I hope that an honest, transparent revelation of what sin looks like will provoke deep thought and self-evaluation in the hearts of my readers. The Bible says, “He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy” (Proverbs 28:13).

Q: Why is it important for all of us, but for women in particular, to face the reality of our depravity?

A: Without the acknowledgment of sin, there can be no repentance or forgiveness. In other words, without being “real” God’s Spirit doesn’t move within us. Shallow confessions result in shallow work of the Spirit. It’s when we are willing to hand over hidden sins, the ones we would rather not even admit, that we drink deeply from the living waters of God’s goodness and grace. The sooner we face the reality of our depravity, the sooner we accept God’s atonement for that depravity and enter into the freedom of guiltless living.

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