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Getting to the Heart of Behavior

Getting to the Heart of Behavior Tedd Tripp Ask good questions to help your children understand their attitudes of heart. Think, for example, of the young man who has humiliated his younger brother in the presence of his older friends. You must correct his rude and hurtful behavior, but the wise parent will also help him understand what motivated him. You might have a conversation like this: “Do you think your brother was embarrassed by the ways you spoke to him?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Why do you think he felt so hurt?” “I guess he thought I was making fun of him.” “I think you’re right, he did. This is a hard question, but what do you think was going […]

Parenting and Faith

Biblical parenting is first of all an exercise in biblical faith. This fact makes biblical parenting different from every other parenting methodology. A journey of faith cannot always be accurately measured by visible markers. Other forms of parenting are measured by evaluating immediate responses–if behavior doesn’t change quickly, then the methods must not be correct. Thankfully, God calls us to trust him in faith. In biblical parenting, the primary objective is not to make the child happy, but to bring him to the cross of Christ. This, of course, will result in happiness for your child. But this happiness cannot be the primary goal. Deuteronomy commands that children be taught about the things of God at all times during the […]

Three ways wisdom fueled by emotion will protect your children

The woman grabbed Joseph’s clothing with such force it was clear that only one thing was on her mind. Joseph’s response was also swift and emotional. He tore himself away, leaving her holding on to his cloak. Such a powerful emotional response is not simply an academic decision. Joseph’s response was like Job’s. Job feared God and shunned evil. Wisdom driven by emotion protected Joseph. So, here are three dynamic factors that led to wisdom protecting Joseph: 1.A strong, emotional love of wisdom—so much so that Joseph was driven emotionally to flee from the grip of sexual temptation. 2.Joseph was emotionally tied to the specific content of righteousness. If something was not righteous, it was morally repugnant to him. 3.Joseph […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day

Your unfailing love is better than life!   The Psalms never lack for reality. They speak of the difficulty of living in a world cursed with sin. The Psalmists never back away from the desperateness of life’s problems. The language of the Psalms is stark and graphic. We resonate with the truth spoken by the Holy Spirit. We do search for God in the midst of a parched and thirsty land.   Yet, it is precisely because the Psalms are in touch with reality that they also bring healing words which reach deeply into your longing heart. The Psalms overflow with the wonder of God despite the harshness of life. As Psalm 63 shouts: God’s unfailing love is better than […]

Fifty Shades of Sin & the Heart of America

In 2012, the E L James novel, Fifty Shades of Grey became a best seller. This book was the first of a trilogy by this same author. Many claimed that these books formed a new genre of literature, mommy-porn.  The books are about the dark world of pain and sexual perversion.  At Amazon, Fifty Shades of Grey was the most popular book of 2012.     Not surprisingly, the book is being made into a movie to be released on Valentines’ Day, 2015.  The trailer for the movie was released this past week. Americans immediately responded by making this book, once again, the number one best selling book on Amazon.   The news headlines are dominated by events in Ukraine, […]

Tedd Tripp – Helping your children to interpret life wisely

When truth about God is our greatest joy, we will help our children interpret life from a biblical perspective. Truths to impress on our children: • Life does not consist in the abundance of possessions. It is not found in new jeans, a new iPod, a car, one’s abilities, or exciting, heart-pounding experiences. • We need to walk in wisdom, submit to the goodness of God’s way, and turn away from our own agendas. • A life of prayer and godly counsel is our desire. • Choices that are principled rather than popular, foregoing immediate gratification for the sake of eternal reward, are the goal. • God’s authority structures are a blessing. For an eight-year-old this means I can trust […]

Anger, a deceptive ally

Anger, sometimes it just feels right. When your husband is insensitive, when the kids are selfish and squabble constantly, when your wife is disrespectful, anger stands ready to come to your defense. When others are not helpful anger is there to encourage you. When your pride is wounded, anger offers its healing power.      When anger is embraced, God is cast aside.    But what about righteous anger? That’s always the trap. Paul says in Ephesians 4:26 that in your anger you should not sin. So, since it is possible to be angry and not sin, it easy to welcome anger like a friendly ally when others sin against us.   But Ephesians 4:26 is not all that Paul […]

Two ways for your children to live

Paul says there are only two ways of living or thinking. One way is to follow the natural path of darkness that all men were born with (Ephesians 2:1-3). The other way is to learn Christ (Ephesians 4:20).  This is point must not be missed. Paul wants the Ephesians to put off the dark ways of their birth and to put on the way of light, that is, the person of Christ.    Avoiding evil is not the same as learning Christ. This will only encourage sensuality to take deep root in their hearts. Your goals may seem noble. You may earnestly desire that your children will avoid the pitfalls of this world. You can structure your lifestyle to keep […]

Your hope in the storm

Christ’s last words in the sermon on the mount talk about the storms of life. The final four verses (Matthew 7:24-27) teach that these storms will be powerful and that they cannot be avoided.   So, the question is not can I avoid the storm, but how can I remain secure when the storm strikes. This much is certain, the storms will come. Jesus is talking about more than physical dwellings. He is talking about your life. The same things – the rains, the rising streams, the winds will attack each house. Don’t be fooled. The security of the house rests not upon the elaborateness and beauty of its construction, but upon the solidness of its foundation. In the Proverbs […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day

Don’t trust in those who cannot save.   When it comes to the worship of God, is your praise dampened by the events of the world around you? Are your prayers distracted by foreign affairs? Does your song sound less vibrant because of the failures of your elected officials?   God says not to worry and praise him with all of your heart. Political leaders are not worthy of your ultimate trust. People can cannot save you.    The one who trusts in the Lord is secure. Only in God is there reason for hope.   As you worship, pray with a heart that is overflowing. Praise your God for the unique and powerful being that he is. Sing knowing […]