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America is in great peril

One Super Bowl ad shows why America is in great peril. God was used a marketing ploy. Even God’s cell phone can have a dead battery! This ad is from a company that sells charging accessories for electronic devices. The ad depicts a chaotic world that has suddenly gone out of control. At the end of the ad we see why: a character who is supposedly playing God has a cell phone whose battery is almost dead. The character sighs and the world continues to fall apart. God is truly irrelevant, at least in ad country. From these ads we learned that: lingerie makes for great sex, that an insurance company can keep our kids from dying, people can be […]

When Your Pet Goes Missing

Children and pets make wonderful photographs. They also make heartbreaking moments. This combination provides a real-life test of just how practical your theology is. If God is in control of all things and he loves you then how is it possible that your child’s puppy, kitten, parakeet, fish, hamster, turtle or rabbit has gone missing, or worse? It is possible because this is what life is like in a fallen world. If you have pets, this is a question that needs to answered with compassion and credibility. Not having a clear, comforting answer is one way of telling your children that God doesn’t really care about them or understand them. Having pets provides you with the opportunity to trust God’s […]