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Why do you get angry?

Anger is most often a response to a perceived injustice. In other words, all that has to happen to become angry is to think an injustice has been committed, even if the wrong never occurred. For example: You come home and your other car is not in the driveway. You become angry because you automatically assume your son has taken it without permission. Then you find out he is doing errand for your wife. Your angry subsides. You were angry at a perceived injustice. This is one reason Paul commands that you not let the sun go down on your anger. You could be angry about something that never really happened. So, Paul says, “in your anger do not sin.” […]

God Created Man: He Created Them Male and Female

God created man: he created them male and female. This truth is the foundation for understanding what it means to be human. This is seen in at least three ways: First: Man is a created being. Humans did not emerge or evolve. Humans were created. At one moment we were not and then we were. Second: God created man for his own purpose, plan and pleasure. Third: Man was created, in the image of God, male and female, as a morally responsible creature under God. Any attempt to understand who man is without acknowledging these three foundational truths will lead to chaos and horrific human suffering. The secular vanguards of our culture have rejected all three of these foundational realities. […]

A Conversation With a Young Teenager

“Stop bothering your sister.” “Why?” “Because it is not nice to do that to her.” “Well, she is not nice to me. Why should I be nice to her?” “God says you should be nice to her.” “Well, then, you should tell her that. If she starts being nice to me, I’ll be nice to her. Its not like I am hurting her or anything.” “But that is not how it works. You should do what God wants no matter how your sister responds.” “So, what do I do when you get mad and yell at me?” “You shouldn’t talk to me like that!” “Why? I am not being disrespectful or mad, I just asked you a question.” “You just […]

Oscar and Baal

Sometimes the obvious is so clear that its meaning is obscured. We live in a world that worships statues! There is an irony in the attitudes of Hollywood and the entertainment media about the Bible, particularly the Old Testament. Bible morality is viewed with scorn and hatred. Both on the screen and in daily life, biblical purity is something to be mocked as a personality disorder. Here is the irony. Over 2,800 years ago, the Prophet Isaiah described the idol worshippers of his day with language that also perfectly describes the moral mess of Hollywood. People today also worship elaborate statues. Those in the film industry live and die for a statue, an idol called Oscar. The name on the […]

Tedd Tripp on Getting to the Heart of Behavior

Getting to the Heart of Behavior By Tedd Tripp Ask good questions to help your children understand their attitudes of heart. Think, for example, of the young man who has humiliated his younger brother in the presence of his older friends. You must correct his rude and hurtful behavior, but the wise parent will also help him understand what motivated him. You might have a conversation like this: “Do you think your brother was embarrassed by the ways you spoke to him?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Why do you think he felt so hurt?” “I guess he thought I was making fun of him.” “I think you’re right, he did. This is a hard question, but what do you think was […]

Are you all in for God?

Proverbs 2 provides a window of understanding for least one reason why we have periods of spiritual apathy. If you ever have a question about why God seems distant at times, here is an explanation. Solomon says to find the knowledge of God, you must be passionately committed to your search, you must be all in. Suppose I told you that you could find millions of dollars of treasure in your back yard, all you have to do is go find it. Would your response be passive? Would you start your search after you have had a nap or watched your favorite TV program? Would you put your search off until a more convenient time?  Would you worry about the […]


Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is knowing God in the midst of conflict. While the earth remains, conflict remains. Peace is found in Christ, not in circumstances. Don’t waste your time looking for peace in a world which has none to give. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 [hr]

Talking To Your Children About Evil

There is much debate this day about how to respond to horrific waves of violence. The Bible is clear. Evil inhabits the world we live in. Sometimes evil takes a violent form. When this happens a violent response is appropriate, even mandated! This is an important truth, a fact of life that your children must know. It is important to train and encourage people to turn against evil and violence. The virtues of peace must never be forgotten. However, when violence occurs under the banner of evil, those who do such evil should fear the sword. If these evildoers have no fear of a violent response against them, then there can be no expectation that their violent acts will be […]

Manipulation or Instruction

Life is busy. It is tempting to think it doesn’t matter how we get our children to obey as long as they obey. This thinking may well achieve its purpose today, but create serious problems in the years ahead. Specifically I am talking about the distinction between instruction and manipulation. In it’s truest sense instruction means to teach children about God and his ways so that they are challenged to long for a deepening relationship with God. (see Deuteronomy 6:5-7 & Ephesians 6:4) Manipulation cares not for establishing a relationship with God. Manipulation is for rescuing yourself from a crisis of the moment. To illustrate: The pressure is on. It seems as though there are 17 appointments, 6 music lessons, and […]

Pornography and Women

One thing that the Fifty Shades book trilogy brings to light is that women also are consumers of pornography. The secular publishing industry has given the Fifty Shades books their own genre classification – Mommy-porn. With tens of millions of copies in print and record success at the box office, mommy-porn, is now part of our culture’s social landscape. Why, because it sells! Rachel Coyle has written a much needed mini-book, Help! She’s struggling with Pornography. This mini-book is part Shepherd Press’ collection of Life-Line mini-books that address everyday problems that Christians face with direct, concise, biblical help. I will place links to Rachel’s book and to the entire mini-book series in the comment section below. Pornography is not just […]