America is in great peril

One Super Bowl ad shows why America is in great peril. God was used a marketing ploy. Even God’s cell phone can have a dead battery!

This ad is from a company that sells charging accessories for electronic devices. The ad depicts a chaotic world that has suddenly gone out of control. At the end of the ad we see why: a character who is supposedly playing God has a cell phone whose battery is almost dead. The character sighs and the world continues to fall apart.

God is truly irrelevant, at least in ad country.

From these ads we learned that:
lingerie makes for great sex,
that an insurance company can keep our kids from dying,
people can be great,
puppies make great beer sales advocates,
fathers need to do a better job,
chips are fantastic,
new movies are coming,

And, oh yes, God is just like us – his cell phone battery can die.

These ads tell us what influences our country.

Without a reverence, fear and awe of God we have no moral compass. Clearly there is no embarrassment or shame in using God as a marketing prop.

If you and I don’t stand for the honor and fear of God and love of Christ, who will?

I don’t know how long God will wait until he determines that America is done with mocking him. But I do know that we who love God can no longer stand idly by and watch the inevitable drift of our country as it slides into the abyss of Godlessness.

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