April 1st – The Enemy’s Everyday Holiday

Gotcha – This is the word of the day on April Fools’ Day. For centuries people have used this day to play “tricks” on each other. The idea is to make one think something is true when it is not.  When someone actually falls for one of these false scenarios then the perpetrator of the ruse will comically state – “April Fools!”. In other words, you have been had.


This day is a timely day to remind each other and our children that the April Fools’ spirit is alive and well everyday! The father of lies likes nothing better than when one of his deceitful schemes has been believed. Only he doesn’t say “gotcha” when this happens. He keeps on encouraging us to believe the lie. Satan doesn’t want you to think you have been had. He wants you to think, “there must be another way to get what I want”.


For example, a young child is sad when playing with a toy he has secretly taken from his brother doesn’t make him happy. He thinks if he just had the toy longer he would be happy. A teenager who is caught doing pornography or smoking pot, may think the most important lesson learned is not to get caught next time.The young woman is told an abortion is the way out of a painful and overwhelming mistake.  She thinks I can make it all go away.  She is told it is her body and the fetus really is not a child. The husband who is angry because he is not respected thinks he will “feel” better when he gets the respect he believes he is due.  The wife contemplating adultery is convinced her potential lover really understands her and cares for her. She thinks if she could be with him she would be better off. 


In all of the above situations the enemy will never say “gotcha” until the foolish believer of his lies is ultimately and thoroughly devastated. Up until that last moment he will encourage his targets to believe that getting what they want will bring satisfaction. 


This is the way the world works – everyday.  The only protection from crafty lies is to believe God at his word! Don’t listen to what the world and your flesh would urge you to think. Rather, return compassion for selfishness. Return good for evil. Return mercy for cynicism. Return a soft answer for anger. Return truth for lies. See beauty as God defines it, not as the world craves it. Return sacrifice for demands. Trust God rather than man. 


Follow the example of Christ. Learn to answer the deceptive April Fools’ jokes of the enemy with three words – it is written. This is wise counsel for your children and for you!



Shepherd Press