Grief and Anxiety: Diseases or Not?

Posted on April 1, 2013 · Posted in Culture, Current Events, Sanctification

Here is a quote from the latest entry of Dr. Charles Hodges blog – Good Mood Bad Mood.  Dr. Hodges cites a leading British Professor, Peter Kinderman,  who comments about new findings in the psychological community regarding grief and anxiety. Since these issues touch so many, these are important matters to consider. Dr. Hodges has done a tremendous service in bringing the light of Scripture to bear on a problem where the secular medical community is finding more problems than solutions. The links to the blog post and Dr. Hodges’ book are below.


“A little more than two months ago, Peter Kinderman wrote an  editorial for BBC News Health and in it he said “Grief and Anxiety are not mental illness.” Kinderman also said that changes in the revision of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illness, due out in May, would increase the numbers of people diagnosed with mental illness. He went on to say that what they really need is “help and understanding, not labels and medication.” Kinderman is the Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool and the Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology at the British Psychological Society, good credentials if you want to say these kinds of things about the current state of psychiatry and psychology.”


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You can look at more information on Dr. Hodges Book, Good Mood Bad Mood, here:

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