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Why is God good?

God is good because of who he is.    He is not good because we like our circumstances.  He is not good because we deserve his goodness. He is not good because we have good health. He is not good because we may live in apparent safety compared to others. He is not good because it is a beautiful day.    God is good simply and profoundly because his own being and character defines goodness.  God is good even when our lives are torn by despair. God is good when a storm brings destruction. God is good when those we love become sick and we see the awful plague of death. God is good in ravages of war. God is […]

Why your children need confidence

Imagine if Jesus had said to Satan, “I’m not sure,” or “I will have to think about it,” when he was tempted. Of if Joseph had told Potiphar’s wife, “let’s talk about this.” Or if David had said to Goliath, “we must be tolerant of each other’s religion.” Jesus, Joseph and David confidently, boldly confronted  temptations. Confidence in God’s truth is something you can’t do without. Otherwise, temptations will overwhelm and ensnare you and your children. Lack of confidence in God’s truth will make your teenagers sitting ducks for the attacks of Satan and the world.  Solomon’s reason for writing the Proverbs was so that young people could live life confidently, knowing and following what God wanted them to do […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day

Life is about more than time.   A Christian must not live as though time is all that matters.  As the hymn says, the sands of time are numbered. They are contained in an hourglass crafted by God for his glory. One day the last grain of sand will sink to the bottom of the glass. When this happens God will not turn the hourglass over. When the last grain falls, life on earth will also fall.    Don’t live your life for sinking grains of sand. Live it for the glory of the King of Kings!   The Sands of Time are Sinking   The sands of time are sinking, the dawn of Heaven breaks; The summer morn I’ve […]

Give us today our daily bread – a plea or an entitlement?

Why do you think you will eat your next meal? Serious question! In our culture most of us plan on eating each day.  So the words of the Lord’s Prayer about giving us our daily bread seem like a ritual that has little practical value. It is nice to say, but if I forget, I am still going to eat. The truth is that is a presumptuous statement.  Someone might say, “well that’s funny, because I didn’t ask God for food, but I ate what I wanted anyway.”  You see, that is the issue. We want to eat, so therefore, we are entitled to eat. This thought assumes that you and I are in control of the essential details of […]


Young children ask their parents questions. They do this, in part, because parents are the center of their world. There is no one that means more to them than mom and dad. Asking questions is a sign of respect and appreciation. Be thankful. As a parent, you want to keep the questions coming.  If  you become get exasperated with the questions of young children will eventually diminish the type and frequency of the questions asked.  While this may bring short-term relief, it will also result in a diminished relationship with older children and teenagers. How does this happen? By being annoyed with or detached from the questions of younger children will result in only hearing logistical questions from your teenagers.  […]

The Virgin Quarterback

Tim Tebow is one of, if not the most, iconic and polarizing figures in modern sports. He had an 8-5 record as a starting pro quarterback in 2011. Not bad by today’s standards. He even led his team to a playoff victory. But then, barely after his career had begun, it was over. There were many reasons given as to why. He couldn’t pass. He was at the center of a constant media circus. He was too overt about his faith. He ran too much. He would kneel in prayer when something good happened. So, despite his winning record, there was no room on the field for him. In the NFL, winning is supposed to be the main thing, unless […]

Active Spirituality available for now for prepublication discount.

Active Spirituality is a book that will help make your faith real to you. Pastor and theologian, Brian Hedges, succeeds in making theology practical. In Active Spirituality, Brian Hedges allows us to read someone else’s mail — a series of warm pastoral letters, written to a young Christian, about the paradox of grace and effort in the life of faith. This book will ship in early June. Between now and then you can purchase the book  at 50% discount at Shepherd Press. AND when you purchase the book you will receive a free copy of the ebook so you can being to benefit right away! Active Spirituality is $13.95 but you can purchase it now for 50% off and receive […]

Midlife struggles – do I belong to myself or to God?

By Paul Tripp True identity is rooted in worshiping God as Creator. To have a sense of identity that will not fail you when you are buffeted by the sure-to-come storms of life, you must start at the beginning.  Every part of the fabric of your personhood was carefully knit together by God’s creative hands. There was no part of you that was hidden from him. He carefully examined every aspect of your unformed body before you were born. There were no accidents, no glitches, no thoughtless moments. Just like David, you too were “fearfully and wonderfully” made. The color of your eyes, the shape of your body, your intellectual and physical gifts, your hair, your voice, your personality, the […]

Can you tell the difference between a log and speck?

If you can’t tell the difference between a log and a speck you are a hypocrite. Well that sounds easy enough. Anybody can recognize a log, but you need a magnifying glass to find a speck. How dumb would I have to be to be a hypocrite? Do you really want to answer that question? Imagine someone walking into a room, knocking over future and breaking windows with a log sticking out of his eye. Then after half of the furniture in the room has been destroyed the log-bearer announces that he has come to remove a speck from your own eye. Your immediate response would be to get this hypocrite out of your house before he destroys the rest […]

Are your children grateful for your authority?

This is an important question.  Do your children say thinks like: “I’m really glad Dad spoke to me about that; I really needed his help.” “Mom, thanks for caring enough to keep me out of trouble.” The purpose of biblical authority is encourage and build up ( 2 Corinthians 13:10).  But sometimes our children are last ones to recognize this. Here are three principles to help make the exercise your authority a blessing to your children. First: Listen well so that you can speak well. Commit yourself to be a skilled, aggressive listener. Your goal is to be able to repeat the words you hear back to your children in such a way that they can affirm that you really […]