How we Hide the Gospel

As we saw in the last post, manipulation of behavior obscures the beauty of the gospel. Manipulation also builds walls that relationships cannot penetrate. So, instead of identifying with our children in their battle with sin, we stand apart from them and critique their failures.  We may even discipline faithfully.  But if we discipline without coming along side our kids and showing them that their struggles are the same as ours, we hide the gospel.


In the previous post Tedd Tripp used the issue of selfishness to show how you can connect with your children and make the gospel practically real to them. Using his thoughts as a guide consider how many ways you can identify with your children and their battles with sin. I admit, the concept is a little scary. It means making yourself vulnerable to your children. But, if you choose not to take this step of faith and overcome your pride and fears, you will hide the power of the gospel from your kids. 


Something to think about.


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