Thought for the Lord’s Day

Do you pray for God’s will to be done or yours?


To pray effectively, in a way that honors God as hallowed, we must pray that God’s purpose and plan must prevail and not our own.  The reality is that we often come to God when we have a problem. Our problem and our solution to the problem dominates our prayer. This is not good. It is vitally important to realize that the solution to our concerns lies not in our understanding of what is best, but in God’s understanding of what is best. If God is our heavenly father, if he is the King, then it is his plan, his rule that you should desire above your own. In other words, why would I want to trust my solutions as opposed to what God has planned?


Our motives can be deceitful. It will not work to pray for God’s will and mine. Jesus tells us to pray that God’s will be done. This is to be your focus. 

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