Making God real to your toddlers

How can you make God real to your toddlers? First, God must be real to you. He is always with you. Your heart should overflow with love for him. The next step is to talk about your God 24/7 as Deuteronomy 6:5-7 commands.

You want to be so in love with God and his commands that this becomes the focal point of conversations with children. So, how does this connect with toddlers? In the crush of life it is possible to go hours if not days and not talk about God and how special he is. You do not faithfully represent reality if there are huge gaps of time when God is not talked about. (See passages like I Corinthians 10:31 and Colossians 3:16-17.)

It is too easy to forget that there is never even a millisecond when God is not actively caring for you. Indeed, your next breath and your child’s next breath only happens if God makes it so.  The wonder of God’s involvement in your life needs to be a big deal to you, both in good times and hard times.

I am not talking about engaging in non-stop systematic theological discourse. I am simply saying that expressions about the wonder of God should never be far from your heart and your mouth.

Here are some examples:

Mommy is so thankful to God for you, even when you have a stinky diaper.
Sweetheart, the sun is so warm and bright, God made it that way for us.
I know you are hungry, I am so thankful that God will take care us and give us the food we need.
Look at that turtle with its hard shell! God makes each of his creatures special.
I know it is raining and we can’t go outside. But remember, it is God who sends the rain so that we can have water to live.
Mommy is praying right now that God will make you feel better.
Wow, that was fun. It is so neat that God made us so that we can have fun together.
Look at al the pretty colors. God is so special!
That was close! Thank you God for taking care of us.
You see, I am not talking about rocket theology here. Nothing is more basic than acknowledging that every second of every minute in your life is given to you by God. Talking about God this way with your toddlers prepares you to continue these conversations as your children grow.

This is how to show the glory of God to your kids. This is a powerful, practical way to make him real, both to you and to your toddlers.

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