The Attack of Equality

Being somewhat of a sports fan, I could not help but notice that a female bout Saturday evening was highlighted in the sport of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  UFC bouts are a cross between boxing and martial arts with a good amount savage aggression thrown in. A headline in USA Today said this bout was a big lift for women.




Equality is one of the rallying cries of modern culture in its quest to rid itself of God and his Bible. In our culture’s striving for equality of the sexes the special uniqueness of each gender has been cast aside. The media is delighted that women can viscously attack one another in the name of sport, just like men.


When God created people he did so by creating males and females. I don’t think equality had anything to do with God’s intentions. He created two distinct genders that are in no way equal, except before the Cross. Male and female are unique and wonderful. One gender is not better than the other. Male superiority is a holdover from several sources – including barbaric tribalism and romantic, victorian fantasy.


This myth of equality is a dagger aimed right at the heart of the family and God’s creation. Being equal robs both men and women of being what God created them to be – special, unique. Deborah, Jael, Rahab, Ruth, Esther, and Mary are role models for women and men alike. They were special because they trusted God rather than people.   They each responded differently than men would have, but their contributions were huge. 


Settling for equality denies what is special to each gender. Men and women can brawl with equal ferocity. This kind of equality doesn’t mean progress. What is missing in our culture is what each gender can aspire to in living for the glory of God. Male and female are God’s idea, not the product of evolutionary chance. 


Parents you must work diligently to instruct the hearts of your children not to be taken in by the illusion of equality of the sexes. To be sure there are things each gender can do equally well. Musicians, scientists, speakers, leaders, tacticians of all sorts can equally benefit from male and female participation. But there are things that are also separate  and distinct for each gender to do. For example, both genders can become good parents. But, there is a God-given uniqueness to the roles of mother and father. 


When God’s truth is exchanged for the world’s lie bad things happen. Raise your children to be special. Help them to embrace the truth of Psalm 139 with regard to their special, unique gender. Help them to see that gender equality is a frail pretender to the wonder of what God has made us to be. Male and female, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  








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