Airports, Ebola and God

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Airports can be wonderful places.  They help make it possible to travel all over the world. But airports can also be places of danger. People, or more specifically, people with.. read more

Is your faith credible to your kids?

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A man was walking in a field and came across something that was buried in the ground. In a moment his life changed forever.  What he found caused him to.. read more

Tim Challies recommends the LifeLine mini-books!

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Tim Challies has recommended the LifeLine mini-book series. You can it check out the article by clicking here.   You can view all of the available titles in the series.. read more

Not even a hint..

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It is true. God gives many commands. As parents, you must not be selective about what you choose to bring to your children. The apostle Paul is a trusted guide.. read more

Thought for the Lord’s Day

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What if you could see Jesus standing next to you?   What if you could physically see Jesus next to you when:   you participated in corporate worship?  you argued.. read more

Patience and complaining don’t mix

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Complaining is the opposite of patience.  Complaining puts the focus of your life squarely on one person – you! There are many ways to complain, some subtle and some painfully.. read more

Playing it safe is not safe

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There is nothing safe about the path leads to safety. Following God requires courage and boldness. There are enemies on every side, both spiritual and earthly. Living as children of.. read more

Real Help for Real Problems!

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Eight LifeLine mini-books are available for pre-order Shepherd Press is pleased to announce that eight books in the LifeLine mini-book series are now available for pre-order. They are: Help! He’s Struggling.. read more

Appreciation for The Home Team, by Clint Archer

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Here is an excerpt from a review of the recent title by Shepherd Press, The Home Team. “Author Clint Archer definitely likes sports and so there are a great many.. read more

Appreciation for The Home Team, by Clint Archer

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    Here is an excerpt from a review of the recent title by Shepherd Press, The Home Team.   “Author Clint Archer definitely likes sports and so there are.. read more

I’ll never take you shopping again!

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Not too long ago, I was shopping at the grocery store. An eager three year old started to go down a different aisle than where her mother was headed. The.. read more

A treasure or a baseball bat?

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  by Tedd & Margy Tripp   Here is the difference between formative instruction and corrective discipline. Formative instruction should be happening all the time. Discipline should be applied only.. read more

Teach your daughters to fear God, not men!

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Relationships based on the fear of the Lord bring safety and security.  Men who fear God will honor, cherish and understand their wives. Women who fear God will be able.. read more

Thought for the Lord’s Day

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God continues to keep his promise.   Our God is a faithful God! Today marks the Fall Equinox. Just as God promised thousands of years ago the seasons continue to.. read more

Listening – it’s the manly thing to do!

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This post is directed to husbands and fathers. However, wives and moms are welcome to read as well. Feel free to pass this on to your husbands. He who answers.. read more

Three ways to find stability in an uncertain world

Posted on September 19, 2014 · Posted in Worldview

There is a false notion that children can be protected from every danger and uncertainty of life. That simply is not true. You cannot protect your children from life itself. .. read more

Help! My Teen is Rebellious

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A small book offering Biblical counsel to parents of rebellious teenagers. Dave & Judi Coats were stunned when their teenage daughter said to them, “You are not going to tell.. read more

Speaking the truth in love – the high calling of being a parent!

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Note these important words from Instructing a Child’s Heart. “As parents, it is our divinely appointed task to commend God’s works to the next generation (Ps. 145:4). We are to.. read more

Teach your children about the danger of acceptable sins

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Sin is making headlines these days. However, the media does not use the word sin to describe what is being reported. That might offend someone. And, of course, the list.. read more

A biblical response to irritating people

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Do you know people that irritate you? Do you have some friends or family members that you find annoying? No, these are not trick questions, just honest ones. The Holy.. read more