Christmas Made Simpler

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Christmas Made Simpler from the Desiring God Blog by Stacy Reaoch This year our family is celebrating Christmas more simply. We are eagerly anticipating flying to Texas to be with.. read more

The new Shepherding a Child’s Heart DVDs are in stock!

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Great news. Shepherd Press is excited to announce that Tedd Tripp has revised and reworked the Shepherding a Child’s Heart DVD series. The material has been reorganized and formatted into.. read more

The When, What and Why of Behavior

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  The When, What and Why of Behavior by Tedd Tripp The heart is the seat of motivation. Think about it in this way. Behavior has a when, a what,.. read more

Love or angry thoughts, it’s a control thing

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“Why did I say that? I love my kids.” “I so sorry I said that, I didn’t mean it” “He makes so angry, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Sound.. read more

Thought for the Lord’s Day

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Clear the way for the Lord. The Lord has come and he will come again. Christmas marks the beginning of the end. The end of: Greed, Selfishness, Bigotry, Racism, Oppression,.. read more

Happy Holidays – Why?

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Happy Holidays is the sensitive, politically correct, caring greeting to offer from Thanksgiving Day until Happy Holiday Day. After Happy Holliday Day then it is fine form to actually say.. read more

7 Errors to Avoid

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Shepherd Press author, Brian Hedges, has a new article just published at Christianity.com. The article is titled, “7 Errors to Avoid in Following Christ.” Brian’s writing is insightful and encouraging!.. read more

Heaven: The Ultimate Gift

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This is the season of gifts. From Thanksgiving to Christmas giving gifts dominates much of our lives. If no gifts were given many businesses would fail, many hearts would be.. read more

God speaks to a world in chaos

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Things were falling apart in Israel, the northern kingdom that followed the ways of Jeroboam. The worship of God had been exchanged for the worship of convenience. The truth of.. read more

Trusting Christ in the mess of life

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Being a parent is a consuming vocation. The unexpected and unplanned for circumstances just seem to keep on coming. In this mess, Christ can become distant, your life experience resembles.. read more

December 8th, the day after

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Seventy three years ago yesterday God changed everything, everywhere. The day after is not remembered with the same clarity as the day it all happened. December 7th, September 11th are.. read more

Thought for the Lord’s Day

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Jesus is the only constant in your life. What is only one thing in your life that you can count on? The faithfulness of Jesus Christ to carry out his.. read more

Humility and Awe

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Humility and power are seldom connected. Humility is associated with peace, passivity and keeping a low profile. A humble person is not considered a person to be feared. When your.. read more

Merry Christmas and the gospel!

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The first widespread usage of the greeting Merry Christmas apparently began in 1843 with the publishing of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Not surprisingly, the greeting first appeared on Christmas.. read more

Do you give gifts to yourself?

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Giving gifts can be a dangerous activity, especially if you give gifts to yourself. No, I am not talking about the present under the tree that is labeled from Dad.. read more

Caesar and Christmas

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Roman emperors ruled with unquestioned authority. Their word was enough to upend the lives of people all around the ancient Mediterranean world. Like most leaders in history, Caesar Augustus gave.. read more

The Light of Christmas

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The darkness of the world is total. When you are overcome by anger, resentment, bitterness, despair there is no light – only darkness. God has something better for you. People.. read more

A prayer for December

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Dear Father, grant that I would be blown away by the gift of your son to me. Grant that this season of “gift-giving” would not blind the eyes of my.. read more

The duty of all nations!

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By today’s standards it appears that the first Congress and the first President didn’t understand the Constitution was against any mention of God, let alone proclaiming it is the duty.. read more

50 people and the power of thanksgiving

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In 1623 William Bradford, at age 33, issued a proclamation of Thanksgiving for the remaining Pilgrims who had landed on Plymouth Rock. Because of winter storms their ship, the Mayflower,.. read more