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A word of thanks to Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is committed to his family and to God as are many Christians. He thinks like many of us do. Kirk says things that you and I often say. Kirk is also like the rest of us, he is a sinner saved by grace. But there are things that are different.  Many more people hear what he says than what you and I say. There is another difference. Most people and the media do not know who you and I are. So what we say about the God we love and the Bible is not published across the internet and media headlines. But Kirk, that is a different story.   Kirk’s words, often the same words that you and […]

Help your children to want what God wants

A young child may reason that a cookie will make her happy. The desire for the cookie overrides the command from mom not to have the cookie till after supper. On the surface this appears to be a simple matter of behavior. The desire for the cookie wins out over obedience. However, on the heart-level, complex patterns are at work. We are born with a nature that is at war with God. Romans 1 also tells us that this sinful nature actively suppresses the truth of God. The unseen and often unperceived heart battle goes something like this: “I want that cookie. I will not submit to God’s law or what mom wants. I deserve to have that cookie because […]

Assurance – God’s gift to you

Perhaps you are one of the millions of Christians who has been horrified at a thought like this: I don’t have a conversion story, I must not be saved. I sin too much so I can’t be saved. I don’t pray or read the Bible enough, I couldn’t possibly be saved. I think God is mad at me. I just don’t think God can forgive me. I am mad that I keep sinning. I am depressed. I have failed too many times as a parent. I have a nagging sense of guilt. If you fear that you might not actually be a Christian, join Todd Friel and Pastors RW Glenn and Brian G. Hedges as they gently lead you through […]