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Better than gold, more attractive than jewels.

 Gold and precious stones are easy to acquire. All you need is money.  Thus, when the rich, the Hollywood stars, the sports elite gather gold and glittering jewelry are everywhere to be seen. In the midst of the dazzling display of wealth you can hear the words of self-praise and the worship of created things. But what is rarely heard is knowledge that makes sense of life.   The wonders of man are easily obtained. Look at our culture, look at what is offered on commercials. All that is needed is a credit card to get what is wanted. But wisdom and knowledge that brings life and true wealth are indeed rare.   As Jesus teaches us in the gospels, […]

Family Life Radio is Interviewing Dr. Charles Hodges!

Family Life has posted an interview with Good Mood, Bad Mood author Dr.Charles Hodges. The interview is in three parts over three days. You can download the actual interview or you can read the interview transcript. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain more insight into issues that are front and center in our culture. Dr. Hodges biblical perspective is balanced and easily understood. Most of all you will find biblically based hope from his material. We are offering a 45% discount on Good Mood, Bad Mood through Sunday, June 8th, 2014.    

Recognizing the unfriendly friend

The book of Proverbs provides insight about how to be wise (Proverbs 1:1-7). Proverbs is not primarily a set of rules to follow, but practical wisdom that can be applied to everyday life. This book will teach you and your children to avoid people and situations that will bring harm.  For example, verses 1&2 of Chapter 18 help identify a person who is unfriendly and not to be trusted.   Each verse has two lines. The second line compliments the first. So in verse 1 we learn that a person who is unfriendly is selfish. That makes sense. But then in the second line of this verse we find a clue that identifies this selfish person; they start foolish quarrels. […]

Love or obey, which is first?

As parents we rightly focus on teaching our children to obey God.  But, we must be more focused on teaching our children to love God first. This is where it is easy to turn away from the gospel in parenting.    Whether you read Deuteronomy, Matthew or Colossians, the first thing that God desires is that he is to be loved. Too often, when it comes to raising children, loving God is tacked on as an after thought to obedience. The thought process may run like this:   “I can’t force my children to love God, so I will teach them to obey, because I can require that.”    Teaching obedience appears to be a more doable task than teaching […]

Memorial Day

Dad & Winston Churchill My father served as an officer in the U.S. Navy in World War II. Winston Churchill served as Prime Minister of Great Britain. My father served in the Pacific Fleet. Great Britain is in the Atlantic. My father earned the respect of the 120 men he led as skipper of his warship. Churchill earned the respect of hundreds of millions with his brave leadership against the Axis powers. My father admired Churchill. Churchill never knew that my father existed. “So,” you might be asking, “why is this article is titled the way it is?” In the providence of God Winston Churchill made a decision that impacted my father’s life. Churchill was concerned about how Allied Forces […]

Do you remember the greatest Warrior of all time?

Do you remember that hundreds of thousands have died so you can worship in freedom? Do you remember that all of your stuff, all of your possessions cannot produce life? Do you remember that you would not know joy without the care of God? Do you remember that you are here to live for God and to die to yourself? Do you remember that you are not your own, but that you were bought with a price? Do you remember the greatest Warrior who lived?    Do you remember that this same Warrior gave his life so that untold millions would find life?   Do you remember that this same Warrior has taken away the sting of death?   Do […]

Are you worth more than birds?

Are you worth more than the birds or any other creature on the planet? Many would say no, you are not.  But God says there is a particular order to life.  God created life with an eye to his own plan and for his own glory. If random evolutionary process is the author of life then there is no purpose except to survive. If the ancient eastern religions are right and God is not separate from his creation, then one life form is just as significant as the next. Eastern mysticism and evolutionary thinking have become the dominate influence in western culture. Hollywood reveres the Dalai Lama.  Education is wed to evolutionary theory.  Christians on the other hand are accused […]

Are You Gentle?

Do you want your children to see you as someone they can trust? Do you want your spouse to take comfort in just being with you? Are you easy to talk to? Is your family hesitant to talk you when they are hurting?  If someone in your family messes up or is in trouble are you the person that helps him feel secure and safe, the person that she knows will help make things right?   You want to be able to answer yes to these questions. In fact, you sometimes get angry and hurt when those close to you don’t seek your help.  Ironic, isn’t it?   Here is a biblical quality that can help you become the go-to […]

Why is God good?

God is good because of who he is.    He is not good because we like our circumstances.  He is not good because we deserve his goodness. He is not good because we have good health. He is not good because we may live in apparent safety compared to others. He is not good because it is a beautiful day.    God is good simply and profoundly because his own being and character defines goodness.  God is good even when our lives are torn by despair. God is good when a storm brings destruction. God is good when those we love become sick and we see the awful plague of death. God is good in ravages of war. God is […]

Why your children need confidence

Imagine if Jesus had said to Satan, “I’m not sure,” or “I will have to think about it,” when he was tempted. Of if Joseph had told Potiphar’s wife, “let’s talk about this.” Or if David had said to Goliath, “we must be tolerant of each other’s religion.” Jesus, Joseph and David confidently, boldly confronted  temptations. Confidence in God’s truth is something you can’t do without. Otherwise, temptations will overwhelm and ensnare you and your children. Lack of confidence in God’s truth will make your teenagers sitting ducks for the attacks of Satan and the world.  Solomon’s reason for writing the Proverbs was so that young people could live life confidently, knowing and following what God wanted them to do […]